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This variation of Volleyball aims to help fast-track Junior Development and give our young players an opportunity to play according to their abilities in a fun and very exciting way. This type of game has been used in many volleyball countries successfully.

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Location: Newtown High School of Performing Arts

Start: April 29, 2023

Age: 6 - 16 years old

Period: Term 2 (10 weeks)

Day: Every Saturday


  1. 8am - 9am

  2. 9am - 10am

  3. 10am - 11am

  4. 11am - 12am

Fee per volleyballer: $11.00
Registration opens by 5pm on Monday, April 17, 2023.


Step 1
Find 2-3 friends and register for the time you wish.
Limited spots per time slot.

Step 2

Show up on the chosen date at least 10 minutes earlier

Step 3

The coach will organise an appropriate team for you, or in case you do not have an opponent, you will be coached Mini Volley (have a Mini Volley Training) so you are better prepared for the next time.

Competition Details

10 min Warm-Up

50 min Game Time

Best of three sets. The set is up to 25 points with 2 points difference. The 3rd set is played to 15 points with two points difference.

U10 (Ball allowed to bounce)

U12 (Ball allowed to bounce)


Term 2 will be the experience period and preparation for the League in Term 3.

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