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Updated: Feb 16

ProVolley Academy is proud to announce a partnership with the prestigious Barker College in the development of their volleyball program and education of coaches within the school. The collaboration aims to enhance the results of the school's volleyball team in competitions, while also creating a foundation for long-term development.

Dr. Mladen Stankovic will lead the male program, while Sheilah Adam will be working with the female program. With their combined experience and expertise, this partnership is sure to bring about positive change and improvement for the volleyball program at Barker College.

This partnership represents a major step forward for both ProVolley Academy and Barker College in the world of volleyball. The goal of the collaboration is to create a comprehensive program that will not only produce successful results in competitions, but also provide a comprehensive education for coaches and players alike. The future of volleyball in Barker College is looking bright, and ProVolley Academy is excited to be a part of it!

See more photos from our collaboration with Barker College by clicking HERE.

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