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Who plays the Australian National Cup?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Massimiliano, Hashmat, Sheilah and Monica are bringing their best teams to AVSC.

Pymble Ladies College

We are more than proud to have so many coaches from ProVolley Academy on this competition. Our best coach for the Junior Development (NSW), Sheilah Adam has been striving to get girls best school team to week long Australia Volleyball Schools Cup that will fulfill 6 days of pure volleyball on Gold Coast in Queensland this week, with the six-day competition to kick off from Monday following the official opening ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

Sheilah Adam will represent Pymble Ladies College that is known for exceptionally well-resourced participation and exploration as well as a sense of belonging, teamwork, dedication and mutual respect.

The Australian Volleyball Schools Cup is the most famous and largest school-based volleyball event attracting teams and academies across Australia as well as international teams where they will be enjoying an introduction to volleyball, camaraderie and enthusiastic competition amongst the nation’s school community. What they all accomplished this year, no one can take away from them!

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