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These are the locations where ProVolley conducts its activities.


Perry Park Recreation Centre

1B Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015
There is a working site at the moment, so the entrance is from Maddox Street around the fence.
Free parking is available on the street.


Arncliffe Youth Centre - Indoor Volleyball Court
Townsend Ln (end of the lane), Arncliffe NSW 2205

Covered free parking is available on the right side, approx. 50m coming from the corner of Princes Hwy & Townsend Ln.


Newtown High School of Performing Arts - Indoor Volleyball Court
Coming by car or walk

From Princess Hwy or King St, turn to St John St; then from St John St first left; then go to the end of that lane and enter the school's parking.

Free parking is available on the school's grounds.


Coming by Public Transport

From Princess Hwy or King St, turn to Whitehorse St, and at the end of it, on the right side, is a green school gate.


Pymble Ladies College
Jeanette Buckham Stadium/Gym. Enter via Gate 3 on Avon Road and follow the path.


Free covered and open parking is available on the school's grounds.

Once you park, go upstairs and spot the swimming centre next to the tennis courts; then continue on the left side of the swimming centre, going around it. Around the corner are stairs and an entrance to the Gym.


Shore School, North Sydney

The RAI Grant Centre, Hunter Crescent.

Access to Hunter Crescent is via the southern entry to William Street (one way), which is accessible from Blues Point Road. 

Parking called Bishopsgate Carpark
Please park in the Carpark only and nowhere else!

Located underneath the Bishopsgate tennis courts. Drive through the boom gate (which will be up and through the 2 large gates, drive through the covered pick-up/drop-off zone and then turn left and down the drive and then through the double boom gate entry to the left-hand side and into the carpark through the double boom gates (which will also be up) and into the carpark.


Please note that there is a height restriction on the Carpark (around 1.9m). Please ensure to park in the Carpark only and nowhere else.


Waverley College

Coming by car or walk

Put in Map 5 Henrietta St, Waverley NSW 2024; once you are near, look for:

College Gate 12 on the right, next to 5 Henrietta St., Free Parking on the College's grounds.

Once you enter, follow the path and find the parking spot wherever convenient.

Then, follow the path by walking until you reach the stairs with the glass door at the end.

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